Mission, Vision & Objectives


Our Vision

A society where all children, both girls and boys enjoy their childhood and their child rights and no child marriages take place

Our Mission

To engage in legislation against child marriages in Sindh to advocate for the laws are being implemented to stop child marriages. The alliance members also include Media, CSO, Lawyers, Govt. Departments, MNAs/MPAs, Religious Leaders and Academics.

Our Objectives

To have effective legislation in Sindh against Child Marriages, and support the Government for law implementation for eradication of child marriages through empowering communities.

  1. To review related marriage laws and propose revisions on CMEB (Sindh Child Marriage Eradication Bill) 2013 as per need basis.
  2. To lobby with provincial Assembly members to pass the new law to eradicate child marriages in Sindh Province .
  3. To highlight the issue and to create public demand.
  4. To engage communities and other stakeholders to raise awareness on the issue and to get their support in implementation of the legislation
  5. To promote girls education, especially secondary schooling
  6. To improve the Maternal Health Indicators in Sindh by engaging Health Professionals, Media, CSOs, Govt. Functions, MNAs/MPAs, Religious Leaders and Academia.
  7. All alliance members will ensure maximum awareness of the communities in their operational workings

All alliance members will ensure community awareness on child marriage issues in all their respective operational forums.

Baela Raza Jamil’s Statement