ECM #UpForSchool Petition

Every year, 13% of girls in Pakistan are still married by the time they are 15 and 40% by the age of 18 download

However, we do not have reliable statistics on the number of young boys affected by this menace. These children are deprived of their childhood; right to education and pushed in an adult role when they are not even capable of taking care of themselves yet. With the deadline for achieving the MDGs 2015 drawing near, it is high time that we put a stop to this violation of basic child rights.

Sign the petition to show that you are #UpForSchool ! Speak up to ensure that every child aged 5-16 years is protected and in schools by 2025. #EndChildMarriages.

I request you to share this attached petition (English or Urdu) with your friends, colleagues, alliance members and other coalitions,on an emergent basis.

You are also requested to download the petition given in the link below: