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  • Saddar Police Station Helpline ‘1213’
    The first independent women police station with a 24-hour helpline ‘1213’ established at the Saddar Karachi police station.Find out more at:
  • Pakistan Madadgaar Helpline ‘111-911-922′
    Country’s first helpline for women and children ‘111-911-922′ who have been a victim of violence, abuse and misconduct is open.Find out more at:
  • Women’s Helpline ‘0800-93372′ by Punjab Commission
    A provincial toll free women’s helpline managed by the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women has been launched since end August 2014 to provide information about laws, policies, rules, mechanism and other services related to women’s issues and empowerment in Punjab.
    This helpline has a large team of 15 women operators, 2 legal counselors and 5 other supervisory roles. An essential ingredient of the helpline is to provide referrals to appropriate institutions and receive complaints of inaction by State institution. Complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination in accessing rights/services are taken up by Punjab Commission on the Status of Women for follow up when the complainant is not getting heard by relevant government department. Capacity building of our helpline staff is planned on all areas of women’s empowerment to ensure they have adequate knowledge before providing advice to clients. PRHN member organizations are requested to indicate if they have relevant training opportunities and spaces. Key areas of focus are harassment, violence against women in all its forms, inheritance related challenges and rights, economic empowerment opportunities and areas of discrimination in the public sector, family related matters. The number is 0800-93372.

Legal Support

Law firms and lawyers exist in Pakistan to combat child marriage and to fight for the victim’s rights.

Some lawyers and law firms who specialize in this area are: