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Meet Ms. B

American African Youth Leadership Foundation
Founder and CEO

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The American African Youth Leadership Foundation
Founder & CEO

Meet Ms. B


Minding Manners with Ms B

Thursdays October 13 – November 10, 2022 @ 5pm
CYWA 423 E Lincoln HWY
$10/pp | Light Snacks Provided
Register Via Email: donate@endchildmarriages.org

March 2022 Event

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Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to save vulnerable girls from poverty by
ending the risk of child marriage.

We believe that no girl should be robbed of her childhood, health, education and aspirations.

AAYLF funds orphans and at-risk girls from the poorest sections of Zimbabwe so that they can attend school.

Our program covers all the costs including tuition, books, transportation, nutritious meals, and in some cases, provide housing so that the girls can escape child marriages and further their education.



We Need Your Help!

 When a girl marries before the age of 18, she and her family are usually poor, uneducated, and unhealthy.

In Zimbabwe, more than half of the girls married before age 18 face these problems and health risks:
  • Forced to quit school
  • No work or life skills
  • Higher risk of abuse and sexual diseases
  • ​Raise their children with no help
  • ​High risk pregnancy
Not only is child marriage against the law, but it also violates a basic human right.

Zimbabwe and other cultures, parents force their daughter into marriage when she reaches puberty.  They do this because they are poor and desperate.

The answer is education.  See how your gift keeps a girl in school.


Support Equality

AAYLF combats gender inequality.  We believe that women and girls deserve the same treatment and opportunities as men and boys and they can reach their full potential given the chance.  At AAYLF, we open that door for them to give them a fighting chance.


Focus On Education

 AAYLF gives young women the opportunity to delay an early marriage. They focus on their education. This ends generations of poverty. They can earn an income and take better care of their family.

We hope to end the rigid cultural norms that promote gender discrimination and child marriages in Zimbabwe.

“I was immediately drawn to the beautiful lady with a unique accent who spoke from her heart.”

As I listened at our business Zoom meeting, I knew we were meant to collaborate.

Bongai Mhloyi is from Zimbabwe.  She is the voice for at-risk girls.  She spoke of a horrific situation where once girls hit puberty, they can be sold like cows and forced to marry old men, so their family can survive.
But an angel named Bongai knows how this affects a girl’s self-worth, health, and wellbeing.  She knew the solution was education.  She formed the American and African Youth Leadership Foundation nonprofit to pave the way for every girl to stay in school, get an education, and follow her dreams to become a teacher, nurse, social worker, wherever her passion leads her.

I’m honored and proud to be a small part of the solution.  Bongai’s cause is growing, and you want to be part of such a heart-felt movement.

Lori Felt, CEO of Lori Diamond Art Designs

Our Success Stories

Let the results speak for itself.
Meet the amazing girls who inspire us to keep working so hard.


Graduated with a degree in Business Management after being sponsored by AAYLF.

"After I graduated I got a job as an administrator. I am planning to start my own business in interior designing. 

I'm also married with two kids. 

I picked a husband for myself.  Unlike what was going to happen when I did not get the help that I got from AAYLF.  They also taught me the importance of helping.  I also want to help other vulnerable children out there.

Continue with the great work and may God continue to bless you."


Vimbai was an orphan and AAYLF offered her a scholarship in 2013.  

She is now a teacher and continues to advocate empowering young vulnerable girls through education and continues to inspire them with her own story.

"Having someone like Miss B and her team approaching you, at that age where there’s a lot of confusion and pain in life, was such a blessing to me and the other girls.

AAYLF came at the right time and they inspired me to be who I am today. It is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me..."


Before AAYLF, she was just about to get married off then she came to our program. 
We were with her for four year then off to culinary school. Now, she is a chef in a town called Chipinge.

She works for OK, a big supermarket like a Walmart where she is a chef.  She is now married with one son and met her husband at the culinary school.  They are both chefs now but in different areas.

"I want to thank AAYLF, I am now a chef!
I am proud of my job and I really love to cook."


"My dad wanted to marry me off to a very old man because he wanted money from him. I was now scared. I was worried and was so exposed since my dad was so aggressive about my decision...

The man was almost an octogenarian."


College Student, Aspiring Journalist

"I am really happy that AAYLF has been helping me and my mother with my tuition and examination fees for the last six years. There's more in store for me than being married off."


 Tatenda's parents are both unemployed. She is one of 5 kids and she hopes one day, she can be a medical doctor.

AAYLF stepped in and she is on the road to achieve her goal.

“There is no better medicine for the soul than reaching out and opening up a new world of opportunity for a young girl who would be forced to marry a man four times her age or more.”

I think there are times when we all feel overwhelmed by the different challenges we face in this world, particularly over the past two years.

But there is no better medicine for the soul than reaching out and opening a new world of opportunity for a young girl who would be forced to marry a man four times her age or more.

To think that my $25 a month donation has allowed my adoptee, Coleen, to follow her dreams towards having a career in medicine brings me such joy!

On a grander scale, when women in society thrive, their positive impact is passed on and transforms the next generation. What a blessing for all of us!

Elaine M. Niemann, Internet Entrepreneur: NutraMetrix, Wellness, and Weight Management

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
 If you want to go far, go together."
- African Proverb.
Partner with us and help make global changes to end child marriage finally.
Together we can raise awareness and bring about lasting change.

Meet Tsitsi and her mother...

Become A 
Change Maker
Find out how you can help make an impact both for your company and organization by partnering with us.
* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *

Meet Tsitsi and her mother...

Become A 
Change Maker
Find out how you can help make an impact both for your company and organization by partnering with us.
* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *

“Bongai is a powerhouse who lives and breathes her cause.”

AAYLF is a singular force in the lives of young women in Zimbabwe.  

As someone who was born, raised and lived the first 38 years of my life in South Africa, I know how important the work of AAYLF is.  

The charity’s work impacts the lives of so many who find their pathway forever changed by it.

Jane Paterson, CEO of One Perfect Speech: Speaking and Communications Coaching

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